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Regina Fund 2015-2016

Thank you for investing in Regina Dominican!

On an average day at Regina, a student will record over 10,900 steps.  The steps she takes over her four years at Regina will condition her for college and strengthen her for the journey beyond.     

With the support of those who believe in our mission, Regina Dominican will remain the best place for young women to prepare for their journey, wherever it may lead.

The Regina Dominican Annual Giving Fund is the cornerstone of our fundraising efforts. It is our main source for financial aid for deserving students.  It also provides for educational innovation and technological advancement, keeping our school vital, viable and valuable. 

Please take the important step of making a charitable donation to the Regina Dominican Fund!

Primary Contact:
Joan Kitchie
Vice President of Advancement
Phone: 847-256-7660

Class of 1975 class gift
Class of 1975 donations to the Regina Fund Alumnae Scholarship Program in honor of the deceased members of their class